In love with flowers
since 1960

Greenhouse grower in St-Remi, Home

In love with flowers since 1960

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For the past 50 years, we have put our passion and our expertise into producing and marketing cuttings and annual flowers of exceptional quality.

Established in St-Rémi, near Montréal, the Company is well renowned in the horticultural industry. Our modern installations include more than 400 000 square feet of greenhouses, allowing us to offer a large assortment of annual plants. Furthermore, in line with the professionalism of our dedicated staff, we can respond efficiently to the strictest requirements of our business and retail customers.

Our mission guides our actions. We wish to contribute to the well-being of people with the benefactions of plants both on their health and on the environment.

To have plants in the house, on the patio or in the garden, is to offer itself health and a healthier environment

Willy’s Favorite

In line with our role as a leader in producing plants reflecting the newest trends, our selection of annuals has expanded to include the following varieities:

Willy Haeck et Fils has been a proud grower and distributor of the FLO brand since 2007.

All annuals labelled with the FLO brand are perfectly adapted to our rigorous climate. They have long-lasting bloom, need less maintenance and are selected from amongst the most disease resistant varieties.


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